Please fill out the form, within 24 hours after the payment has cleared you will be emailed out your recording.*


In addition to the title of the piece, please include the composer, the key, and the required tempo. 


If the piece is not in the public domain, it may take a little longer to aquire the track due to the required permissions that need to be granted. 


Please also upload a PDF of the music you need recorded. If you do not have a PDF on your computer, but have a download link, please put the link in the "Extra Details" box. 


In the "Extra Details" box, please use bar numbers when describing parts. Please remember that an anacrusis is not bar one. 

If there are lots of changes required, please mark up the music by hand, scan and attatch them. 



Types of Recording


Live Performance Track ($15)

This is a track recorded on an acoustic grand piano, suitable for performing live with when a live accompanist is not available. 


High Quality Rehearsal Track ($15)

This is recorded using a Digital Piano, and it includes the accompaniment, plus the accompaniment with Vocal Line (or solo line) played over the top. 

The accompaniment track could be used for public performance. 


Rehearsal Track ($10)

This is recorded using MIDI sounds and should only be used for rehearsal purposes. The sound of this track would not be suitable for Public Performance. 






*Time may vary depending on the piece and time of year.