Donald Mayne B.Mus (Hons), Dip.Ed

Temby Trumpet Artist, Recording Artist, Read more about Don here

"Isaac's approach to performing and accompanying allows both the listener and performer to clearly hear his vision of what the composer intended. It is always a pleasure to share the stage with Isaac and watch him continually develop as a young musician."

Laura Poulten (nee Page) B.A Music Theatre (Waapa), Dip.Ed

Read Laura's extensive and impressive resume Here

"I have known Isaac for the past four years. In this time I have watched him grow as both a performer and musician. He has wonderful musicality in both his singing and piano; this is essential for any great accompanist. Isaac is a young professional, who has a great rapport with those requiring his accompanying skills. He is technical, but also understands the emotion of a piece; these skills assist any young instrumentalist/vocalist in their performances. Isaac is an asset to this town and I highly recommend his accompanying for any student."

Pamela Bradley A.T.T.C.L


"When I first met Isaac a number of years back, I was very impressed with his knowledge and performance skills both as a pianist/accompanist and as a vocalist, and also with his all round professionalism. 

This was the begining of not only a professional relationship, but my deep friendship with him.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of watching both Isaac's Piano and Vocal students all grow and attain a very high standard in various different Eisteddfods, recitals, concerts, and my own Soiree series which I run over the course of April and May each year. 

Isaac time and time again proves himself to be a precise but generous accompanist to many singers. Going back a few years now, I asked Isaac to be the rehearsal pianist for a Pantomime I was directing at the time. He was well recieved by the cast not only for his skill at the Piano but also because of his singing abilities which at times were called upon to help cast members with their vocals. 

From that time on Isaac became involved with many productions as rehearsal pianist and part of the orchestra for all shows since. In 2014 I was directing and wanted Isaac to step up to be Musical Director for this production. At first he was hesitant to leave the piano stool, but with some encouragment from me he ended up doing a sterling job. From there he was asked to be Musical Director for other directors working with the Musical Society and has been given hight praise  from them. 

He is an accomplished Musical Director and Accompanist and I have confidence that once he fully establishes himself in Adelaide he will be sought after by many. 

Although there is now some distance between us, I'm sure we will be the of best friends always."

Olivia Nichols

Student (12)

"I always loved having Isaac as my accompanist for numerous Eisteddfods and concerts. He always supported me throughout the song, and whenever I would accidentally skip lines or verses Isaac would cover my mistakes and would make it look like nothing went wrong.

He always made me feel confident, both on the stage and in the wings. Isaac always went out of his way to help me. "

Penny Konstandopoulos


"I moved to Mildura from Geelong in May 2009, and in 2010, I entered my first Mildura Eisteddfod. Here, I heard Isaac Mouskovias play for the first time, and the moment he touched the keys, I was enthralled. His natural musical talent was so mesmerising I remember thinking that he was one of the best pianists I had ever heard.

After my previous piano teacher had moved away, I remember wondering who I could get to replace her. I thought of Isaac, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. His patient, kind and skilled teaching methods quickly moulded me into a much more competent pianist, and I became much more confident and calmer when playing in public. His experience shone through in each of our classes, and I was surprised by how quickly I picked up his teaching advice and put it into practise whilst playing. He uses his wisdom to shape each of his students to be better musicians and performers, which is a trait that is so important for everyone hoping to make a career in the music industry.

Isaac is an awe-inspiring musician, and those who are privileged enough to hear him perform are spellbound by his talent. Isaac is a fantastic musician and an amazing teacher, and I am so grateful to be able to say that I had Isaac as my piano teacher." 

Simone Liuzzi B.Mus (Melba Conservatorium)

Two time recording artist, voice teacher 

"Isaac has accompanied my own students for the Mildura Eisteddfod and he has displayed effectiveness in observing the students individual abilities to help get the best outcome. 

Isaac has also worked with me as my accompanist at the many various functions I perform for, such as funeral and wedding services. He is always willing, able, and efficient in his work and can improvise well in any situation.

Isaac was fundamental in helping me stage the launch for my second album. He was always prompt, willing, and essential in making the concert flow smoothly. He also had to write arrangments for a trio of Violin, Cello, and Piano that sounded amazing. Everyone knows that if anything were to go wrong in a performance, Isaac would have you covered. 

Overall I would highly recommend Isaac as an accompanist for classical, modern, musical theatre... etc! 

He also, many a time, has had to sight read at performances which was always reliable." 

Noelene Davis B.A, Dip. Ed

"Isaac Mouskovias is a Godsend. He was able to create a new passion of musical theory interwoven with his anatomical knowledge of the voice, and taught our students new techniques. Isaac had a good rapport with both the male and female cohorts, related to them in 'kid speak', and got the best out of all the cast. We are grateful for Isaac's expertise, knowledge and passion, and that he is so willing to share all these skills. 

Rhiannon Curtis BMus

"Isaac has always been patient and encouraging in rehearsals when I have needed to draw focus on certain areas, he has such an engaging personality that makes you feel comfortable.

He has always been able to adapt to my style or intperretation of a song when needed. He never criticizes my song choices but is always willing to give suggestions to help me improve." 

Steve Prescott

Stage Director/Producer

"What a man, Isaac shows such versatility in everything he does, his teaching method for both vocal performance and character performance is something to be seen.

I have worked with Isaac on several occasions and have had the pleasure of being taught a few interesting things myself.

If you are planning on seeking the services of this fantastic gentleman, then you have made the right decision, as I know he will lead you in the direction of nothing but professionalism."

Matthew Capp B.A

Stage Director/Producer, Vocalist

"Isaac is a fantastic and professional accompanist who I have had the pleasure to work with many times over. His level of committement and expertise at all times has benefitted every production he has been a part of."