Isaac is not only trained as a pianist, but has also trained as a classical vocalist and has also studied many other genres. 

In previous years Isaac has taught both Piano and Voice with students going on to achieve many accolades. 

As of 2016, apart from a select few,  Isaac no longer teaches private vocal lessons, however, he does offer vocal coaching. 

All Tuition is very affordable!


All tuition takes place at Isaac's private studio.


If you are interested in learning from Isaac, please fill out the form below.

Study Options

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are conducted weekly for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Lessons focus on achieving great technique and high levels of musicality and understanding. 


Music Theory Lessons

Theory Lessons are 30 minutes a week, and 60 minutes a week if you wish to study in a group of 3-5.


Exam Preparation*

These are conducted in 30 minute or 60 minute lessons. These lessons cover General knowledge, Aural tests, Sight reading/singing, and if the student wishes, can also look at technical work. 


Vocal Coaching*

A vocal coach can be used along side an existing teacher to help clarify and solidify techniques. A vocal coach will also help clean up fine details in the music which sometiems can be overlooked when putting heavy focus on singing techqnique. Some of this detailing includes dynamics, phrasing, and diction.

Online Study

Thanks to the incredible technology available to us today, you can now have a Vocal Coaching session or an Exam Preparation lesson online using either Skype or Facetime. (Facetime is only availble to students with an iPad or Mac computer as a phone screen is too small to see demonstations or read text clearly)

*Available for online study